James Stewart Clarke Robertson

Staffordshire Cares

Staffordshire Cares is a site which gives advice on living a healthier and more independent life. Providing information on care and enjoying an active lifestyle for older people, it can help you be fit, healthy, safe and prosperous at every stage of your life. It’s also a great place to start to find out about the hundreds of local and national organisations that are out there to help you.

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I was part of a project ran by Staffordshire County Council called Staffordshire Cares Phase 2. This project was aimed to help change the focus of Staffordshire Cares from an information site for older people and focus more on the wellbeing for all ages in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent.

What I did

  • Analyzing existing content and defining new subject areas for the site
  • Listing and contacting content owners
  • Placing content in their respective subject areas
  • Creating logical paths throughout the site (determining which pages should link to one another)
  • Creating documentation to map out the site
  • Working with the Learning Disability Partnership Board to create a set of informational pages in the Easy Read Format
  • Working with Hearing Impairment teams to provide a set of pages similar to the easy read format - as well as to provide BSL videos
  • Creating promotional videos for the Staffordshire Cares site
  • Updating and managing the Staffordshire Cares social networking accounts (twitter, facebook)
  • Working with the communications team to help promote Staffordshire cares

What I used

  • Microsoft Visio - for drawing maps
  • Contensis CMS - for updating website
  • iMovie - for creating video
  • Hootsuite - for social media
  • Sublime Text - for editing HTML