James Stewart Clarke Robertson

Staffordshire RDA

Riding for the Disabled is a national Voluntary Organisation dedicated to making a real and lasting difference to the lives of disabled people enabling them to ride or carriage drive to benefit their health and well-being and to achieve their goals

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I was tasked to create an informational website for the Stafford RDA. The site is aimed to promote their charity events and host information about what they do and how they help disabled people

What I did

  • Collect clients requirements
  • Design a website based on these requirements
  • Amend designs based on feedback
  • Set up domain and hosting
  • Push site to the web

What I used

  • Notepad++ - for coding
  • Adobe Photoshop - for editing photos and creating graphics
  • Pluck CMS - for managing content
  • Filezilla - To push and pull files from the server
  • Code - HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript